Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Cat Tote Bag in my etsy shop

New tote in my etsy shop today. You can buy it from here:

I printed it yesterday and at the same time a neighbourhood cat was hit by a car and needs an expensive operation on her jaw. So, half the proceeds from the bag goes to the operation. Lets hope she survives.


  1. This is so awesome! You printed this yourself?
    I love screenprinting myself but I'm not always lucky with the results...:)

    1. hey! I printed most of the bags myself but I had some help from my friends in Greece who run silk screen printing workshops and have their own studio. I printed them in their studio and they kind of supervised me and whenever something went wrong they stepped in and helped me so I guess it was kind of a joint effort! The results were amazing - they came out so well! Going to print some more in September! I also love screen printing. I wish I had my own space to experiment with it more.

    2. Cool! I look forward to see more :)