Saturday, 16 June 2012

ChipIn Fundraiser for Rescue Cat

We are holding a 'ChipIn' fundraiser for a local street cat that was hit by a car on Tuesday night in the Athens neighbourhood of Petralona. The poor kitty had her jaw broken and needs a 300 euro operation to survive. The cat's name is DIO or two because she has two brown dots on her back. She is one and a half years old and mostly white. Some photos to follow. You can 'Chip In' and donate some money by using the ChipIn gadget below. The donation will go into my paypal account and I will give it directly to the owner. All donations welcome however big or small.

I'm also selling kitty tote bags and donating half the proceeds to the operation and after care costs. You can check these out on my etsy shop:

Thanks :)

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  1. Just chipped in what little money I could. I hope poor kitty is ok! Will feature this in my blog also tomorrow :o)
    Sarah x